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Today I am thankful for my body and it's ability to create and carry life.

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By: Lindsay on Aug 24th, 2018 Toronto - -

I'm thankful that I'm recovering from PTSD with the help of an amazing therapist who shows me unconditional love and that I'm starting to respect myself and validate myself more. Thankful I make a difference. Thankful for my friends!

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By: Lindsay on Mar 13th, 2017 Rainbowland - Abroad

My sister. Our father died in 2013 and our mother died in July of 2016. We made it through a painful holiday season as we mourned the loss of the holidays as we have always known them. I love my sister and don't know how I would have made it through ........

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By: Lindsay on Jan 03rd, 2017 Kansas City - Missouri

I'm grateful -to be happy and healthy -to live in such a beautiful home -to have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world -to have the opportunity to focus on what I really want to do as a career Thank you universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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By: Lindsay on May 09th, 2013 Chicago - Illinois

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