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Having good friends

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By: Spencey on Nov 14th, 2018 Boston - Massachusetts

By: Sapargul on Jun 13th, 2018 Bishkek - Bishkek

Today I am thankful for a new day. For the opportunity to see, hear, breathe and feel.And also, I am thankful for opportunity to love.I can love and accept that feelengs. It is amazing

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the unexpected good twists in life.

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By: Andrea on Jul 18th, 2017 Berlin - Berlin

I am grateful for good health - i know its cliche. But so many people are born with poor health or have had a misfortunate event happen which has altered their health & life permanently. I have my health issues which I'm managing. But things could be........

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By: Evangelia on Jan 08th, 2017 Sydney - -

- Having a job in a difficult economy - living on such a beautiful earth - having three wonderful dogs - my perfect husband

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By: Heidi on Jul 15th, 2015 Langdon - Alberta

God in my life, my sobriety and being nicotine free.

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By: Karen Teig (Mountainbiker65) on May 23rd, 2015 Duluth - Minnesota

Heureuse de voir le sourire de mes collègues de travail. Surtout quand ils ont eu leurs tasses de café de l'aprêm. Coffee makes you happy *:) Bonne journée/ soirée où que vous soyez dans le monde ^^*

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By: Timeri on Dec 11th, 2014 Papeete - Tahiti

By: Beth Rivett-Carnac on Oct 27th, 2013 High Wycombe - Bucks

Sitting in the park and seeing the autumn leaves dancing in the breeze; sharing a smile with a stranger; impromptu kisses with my husband; my parents popping over and seeing them taking the mickey out of each other after over 35 years of marriage; my........

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things to look forward to, good friends, and snow on the grass (but not on walkways).

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By: Carly on Jan 31st, 2013 Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania

oatmeal with apples, little boy hugs before school, making it into the carpool lane on time, coffee, and a day full of amazing projects and things to do:)

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By: Jill on Jan 29th, 2013 Richmonds - Virginia

By: Kimberly Huneycutt on Jan 14th, 2013 Harpers Ferry - West Virginia

I'm grateful for being able to make my own choices in life. I choose to be the best that I can be today.

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i'm grateful to the amazing friends i have in my life...strong, beautiful women getting things done, accomplishing so much, and making plans for extraordinary experiences. i am endlessly inspired by their bravery, courage, and sass:) rock on ladies!

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By: Jill on Jan 10th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

little cranky bear cubs...my children! even when they don't want to go to school, i'm grateful they are here with me, and that i get to love them!

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By: Jill on Jan 09th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

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