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Spending time in the gym at lunch time, it was a nice workout. Also that my colleague remembered he owed me money and now I'm £25 up :-)

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By: IamMRLee on Jun 01st, 2017 blackpool - Lancashire

My vision( all my 5 senses) My education My sister My mom My dad My home My food My health My uncle My grandparents My teachers

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By: Lana on May 09th, 2017 Cairo - Delhi

I am thankful for my teacher because she helps me to learn.

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By: anonymous on Feb 14th, 2017 Denver - Colorado

I am grateful for my friend, Chris R. because he uses one of our school values, self control.

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By: anonymous on Feb 06th, 2017 Denver - Colorado

I'm grateful for Ms. Farmer because she always teaches me things and she is really nice. She always makes me happy.

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By: Miranda on Jan 25th, 2017 Denver - Colorado

I am thankful for my dog Snoopy that always wakes me up with a bark.

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By: Karla on Jan 23rd, 2017 Denver - Colorado

Having planning time with my colleagues to prepare for students' return.

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By: Sara Farmer on Jan 06th, 2017 Denver - Colorado

the memories created over Thanksgiving with my parents. We laughed so much my sides ached. These memories will warm my heart for many days ahead. So grateful for our time together! I love you!

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By: April on Dec 01st, 2016 Omaha, NE - Nebraska

A phone call to my mother, after nearly two weeks passed since I last spoke to her. *Bonus: She picked up right away & we did not have to play phone-tag.

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By: Katie on Jul 17th, 2016 Santa Cruz - California

By: Dawn Noel on Jun 16th, 2016 San Diego - California

God's grace; Nature's beauty; the love of my family and friends; & websites like gratefulness.org and this one that help me to deepen my practice. Thank you for making it possible for everyone to share their gratitude here. Namaste.

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Thankful for my family and friends and for every new experience I have encountered and learned from.Im thankful for this gift of life and the unlimited and boundless possibilities that exist in this world and for health, happiness and the endurance t........

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By: MJ DAN on Jan 23rd, 2016 London - Abroad

I have no words to express the depth of our gratitude to All that is. I cannot say thank you enough to what I consider the only real wealth for all that exist in the finite realm: to health. To health in mind, spirit and body. Health is my most basi........

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By: Maricel on Jul 30th, 2015 San Jose, Ca - California

God in my life, my sobriety and being nicotine free.

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By: Karen Teig (Mountainbiker65) on May 23rd, 2015 Duluth - Minnesota

I am grateful for having time to spend with my husband and my son--time spent playing games together, laughing, loving, and making up for times I was focused on things far less important than the loves of my life. <3

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By: Shannon Delany on Jan 07th, 2015 Oneonta - New York

The health of my daughter and the wisdom of her doctors. I am thankful that she is home without needing surgery. I am also thankful for all who help us through their positive thoughts, actions, and kind words.

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By: Kirst on Dec 11th, 2014 Stanley - Abroad

my family, health and access to an education in America. I feel so blessed every single day.

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By: Nahil S. on Dec 06th, 2014 San Jose - California

The power of gratitude! I'm also very thankful for divine signs that show us the way. Thank you for our blessings and good health. Have a great day!

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By: Lily on Aug 07th, 2014 Sydney - Abroad

Today I am thankful for the freedom to walk down the street in the warm spring air. The freedom to speak my thoughts and not worry that someone will harm me for them. I'm thankful for the freedom to chose where I will go, at what time I will eat, an........

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By: eklectica on Mar 23rd, 2014 Merritt Island - Florida

By: GG on Jan 25th, 2014 Pueblo - Cayman Islands

My grandson came to live with my partner and me 6 months ago. It has been hard, but I am grateful because I can see good changes in him. I'm also grateful because his dad and uncle came over today and talked to him very seriously and he got to go spe........

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Thank you for a fresh new year 2014. I have come a long, long way. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities to experience the material plain. Thank you for the upsurge of support on every level of my life: my health, my shelter, my emotional need........

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By: Maricel on Jan 01st, 2014 Palmdale - California

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