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I just had a job interview today, and the interviewers were open and kind. Even though I might not get the job, I am grateful for good people out there like them who take the time and space to go the extra mile, even though they have no need to.

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By: Martin on May 10th, 2019 Frederikshavn - Abroad

I am grateful for my sister in-law, she is patient, kind, loving and giving. She listens, understands me and doesn't judge me. She is open minded and very caring. She is a courageous and strong woman. She does her best to help everyone and treats........

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By: KM on Apr 26th, 2019 Essex - Abroad

I am grateful for my home, it keeps me warm and safe. I am grateful for the food I eat. I am grateful for my healthy mind and body ð???ð??½

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By: KM on Apr 25th, 2019 Essex - Abroad

I am thankful for my job, it allows me to work part time school hours, so that I can collect my children from school and spend more time with them and my parents in the school holidays. I am thankful for my parents, they love me, make time for me, ........

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By: KM on Apr 24th, 2019 Essex - Abroad

My home, it keeps me warm and safe. My husband, he is loving, kind and understands and respects me. My children, they have so much love to give, they make me smile, they're so loving and caring and well behaved. ð???ð??½

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By: KM on Apr 23rd, 2019 Essex - Abroad

By: Hemini on Mar 12th, 2019 Geneve - Abroad

having good health.

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my daughter asleep in my arms

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By: Federico on Mar 07th, 2019 Milano - Abroad

The job that I have helping others For comedians and comedies that make me laugh releasing endorphins Great food Iced water on a hot day

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By: Martin on Mar 01st, 2019 Westmead - Abroad

Being able to go to school

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By: Kelly on Nov 14th, 2018 Boston - Abroad

I am grateful for my family. My Sister shows unconditional love at all times, always has a hug ready and an ear open.

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By: Amy on Oct 07th, 2018 Brisbane - Abroad

For my kids, my dog and this beautiful autumn day

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By: JM on Sep 23rd, 2018 Ireland - Abroad

I'm thankfull to a man I met a half year ago, who trusts me and who teached me to trust people, who supports me in my changes and gives me power to try new things, and finaly who gives me the feeling I am just right as I am.

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By: Irina on Jun 24th, 2018 Kronberg - Abroad

My husband really loves me

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By: Nata on Jun 13th, 2018 Moscow - Abroad

- being together with my boyfriend, his love, acceptance and support; - the oportunity to study things that I like, to communicate with people that I like and live in the place that I like; - my health and health of my family.

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By: Sasha on Jun 11th, 2018 Novosibirsk - Abroad

Being called prickly - means I spoke my mind.

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By: Joy on Apr 10th, 2018 Brisbane - Abroad

I'm grateful for the women I met on the retreat this week. The support and humour was invaluable.

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By: Michelle on Apr 10th, 2018 Ubud - Abroad

Starting the morning with a swim on a beautiful sunny day, giving me the energy to focus on my work for 2018.

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By: Humanway on Jan 11th, 2018 Durban - Abroad

The ladies who pampered me today and looked after my body with love and attention. I havenâ??t seen myself this way for a long time

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By: Marion on Nov 23rd, 2017 London - Abroad

By: fiona on Oct 23rd, 2017 Glasgow - Abroad

The freedom in my day to allow the creativity to flow like jasmin through my mind. To meditate and rest peacefully ,

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Sunshine and cool fall weather

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By: Je on Sep 24th, 2017 Chicago - Abroad

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