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Being called prickly - means I spoke my mind.

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By: Joy on Apr 10th, 2018 Brisbane - Abroad

I'm grateful for the women I met on the retreat this week. The support and humour was invaluable.

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By: Michelle on Apr 10th, 2018 Ubud - Abroad

Starting the morning with a swim on a beautiful sunny day, giving me the energy to focus on my work for 2018.

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By: Humanway on Jan 11th, 2018 Durban - Abroad

The ladies who pampered me today and looked after my body with love and attention. I haven??t seen myself this way for a long time

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By: Marion on Nov 23rd, 2017 London - Abroad

By: fiona on Oct 23rd, 2017 Glasgow - Abroad

The freedom in my day to allow the creativity to flow like jasmin through my mind. To meditate and rest peacefully ,

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Sunshine and cool fall weather

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By: Je on Sep 24th, 2017 Chicago - Abroad

I am thankful for having so much faith, and to be able to read all those beautiful insights about our world.

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By: Marian on Sep 18th, 2017 Sao Paulo - Abroad

I am grateful for having my Grandmother in my life, for her big heart, love and smile. I am grateful for every second I had spent with her. Always and forever

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By: Maria on Aug 09th, 2017 London - Abroad

I'm grateful for the opportunities I have to learn & grow.

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By: C on Aug 01st, 2017 Vancouver - Abroad

Thankful for someone who told me to start writing down the things I should be thankful for. I just started today!

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By: Bek on Jul 26th, 2017 Caloocan City - Abroad

My 3 children and spending time in the park, in the sunshine with them

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By: Phil on Jul 25th, 2017 Liverpool - Abroad

For the emotional place I now find myself in!

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By: Coline on Jul 04th, 2017 Lausanne - Abroad

I am thankful that even with my medical condition, I conceived and have my cute little boy safely and he is two years in a few...

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By: Temi Tayo on Jun 20th, 2017 Lagos - Abroad

All those things that we take for granted (water, food, electricity...)

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By: N on May 12th, 2017 Como - Abroad

By: Fatih on Apr 22nd, 2017 Algiers - Abroad

I'm grateful of my mom and dad, i'm gratful of this new day of my life, for the sun still shine and light our world, i'm grateful of my healthy body, every bless in my life

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My aunt Augusta who welcomed me into her home. April showers and sunshine. The breeze in my hair.

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By: Sue on Apr 19th, 2017 Langenhagen - Abroad

I am grateful for this wonderful city, London. I am grateful for my warm cozy bed. I am grateful for my cuddly kitty. I am grateful for my past, my present and my future.

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By: Violet on Mar 29th, 2017 London - Abroad

Im so thankful for being blessed with an amazing health that allows me to flow through my consciousness and be aware of what surround me. Family, nature, community and all the love that comes with it, thank you lord for all of that ?????

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By: Free Spirit on Mar 21st, 2017 Zurich - Abroad

I'm thankful that I'm recovering from PTSD with the help of an amazing therapist who shows me unconditional love and that I'm starting to respect myself and validate myself more. Thankful I make a difference. Thankful for my friends!

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By: Lindsay on Mar 13th, 2017 Rainbowland - Abroad

I am grateful for discovering this site - what a fabulous idea, thank you :-)

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By: Rachael Walker on Jan 29th, 2017 Coventry - Abroad

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