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Iā??m thankful for being Thanos and having total control over all humans and having a family anf friends

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By: THANOS on Nov 14th, 2018 ##Infinity - California

finding this space called Gratitude Jar!

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By: Pilar on Nov 05th, 2018 Pasadena - California

I'm grateful for my hot cup of coffee this morning, the joyful greeting our puppy gave me, all the new little lives I touched today, the smell of baby cows, the sweet rhymes and poems my husband leaves for me, the sound of piglets eating, a warm jack........

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By: Sheena on Sep 13th, 2018 Big Sur - California

My life... My spirits have been low but I am grateful today and grateful for the tools I have been using to pull myself out of the blues...

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By: A Hayes on Aug 02nd, 2018 Santa Cruz - California

Today I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to receive higher education.

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By: Maggie on Jun 18th, 2018 Berkeley - California

Meditation! i am so happy and thankful that i can appreciate meditation

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By: Dez Porter on Jun 04th, 2018 studio city - California

It's just after 6 in the morning, the beginning of the day, and I'm grateful for my daughters, my health, the beautiful weather, and a great day to look forward to with lots of stuff to do.

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By: Elizabeth Bynum on Jun 02nd, 2018 Sacramento - California

A colorful array of food that I cooked and enjoyed with friends. The delicious flavors and colors. The exchange of stories and laughter. A memory created.

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By: Maggie on Jan 22nd, 2018 Escondido - California

By: Jared Brick on Nov 22nd, 2017 Santa Cruz - California

The sun on my face and cool sea breeze while I bike to work, with people committed and passionate about helping people grow stronger and with less pain. I get to welcome the day with my two boys and partner, that love me and want the best for me and ........

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By: ALYCE P on Nov 20th, 2017 san jose - California

For simply being alive and well, for this inspiring website and for all those wonderful human beings behind this - with all the negativity and hate around us, this is truly a breath of fresh air. BIG THANKS !!!! Have the most special, unforgettable T........

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By: Melanie on Nov 17th, 2017 San Jose - California

I am grateful and happy my birthday is coming up 52, I was a wonderful job where I make a difference in peoples lives, for my children, for health and for positive energy, faith in God, and may each and one of us make a difference and making this wo........

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By: luz on Nov 13th, 2017 San Jose - California

Another day filled with Compassion, Responsibilities, Love, Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Water. Without any of these I would have no purpose.

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By: Elizabeth M on Nov 13th, 2017 San Jose - California


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By: Alex on Jan 09th, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO - California

That I now got something (a job) on my manifestation list.

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By: Aris on Oct 27th, 2016 Costa Mesa - California

A phone call to my mother, after nearly two weeks passed since I last spoke to her. *Bonus: She picked up right away & we did not have to play phone-tag.

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By: Katie on Jul 17th, 2016 Santa Cruz - California

I am grateful for the Sun, the Air, the Earth, the Water and the Spirit all around us right now. ...peace <3

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By: Rory on Jun 28th, 2016 Concord - California

By: Dawn Noel on Jun 16th, 2016 San Diego - California

God's grace; Nature's beauty; the love of my family and friends; & websites like gratefulness.org and this one that help me to deepen my practice. Thank you for making it possible for everyone to share their gratitude here. Namaste.

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I will be alright. I am.

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By: CL on Sep 20th, 2015 Santa Cruz, ca - California

I have no words to express the depth of our gratitude to All that is. I cannot say thank you enough to what I consider the only real wealth for all that exist in the finite realm: to health. To health in mind, spirit and body. Health is my most basi........

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By: Maricel on Jul 30th, 2015 San Jose, Ca - California

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