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The amazing learning and networking opportunities my college has provided me!

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By: Sahana Rao on Jan 16th, 2018 Centreville - Virginia

My 3-year-old daughter, asking her 11-year-old cousin if her hands were cold, then offering to hold one to warm it up.

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By: Heather on Dec 31st, 2017 Richmond - Virginia

As simple as it is, eating a homemade gingerbread cookie because it was an opportunity to challenge my eating disorder and actually listen to my body and eat what sounded good!

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By: Caroline on Jan 08th, 2017 Charlottesville - Virginia

My beautiful family and friends. I'm so lucky to have all of these gorgeous souls around me to enjoy and celebrate life. An amazing new day indeed:)

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By: Jill on Aug 23rd, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

By: Bob Tschannen-Moran on Mar 14th, 2013 Williamsburg - Virginia

All of the people who have been loving on me and helping to save my life since my seizure activity began at the end of August, 2012 (most especially my extended family, friends, and clients as well as the incredible team of medical personnel). What a........

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today. If someone would have told me a year ago that a day like today was even possible, I would have thought they were nuts. I would have secretly wished it was true, but I def would have thought they were nuts. I am grateful for this day and for al........

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By: Jill on Mar 05th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

for the love I have for my children and the lessons that love teaches me every day.

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By: Jill on Feb 19th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

Friday Night movies with my kids (a longstanding tradition) with old fashioned popcorn and epic lounging...we take this night very seriously and it is a highlight of my week every week!!!! I think we are watching Diary of Wimpy Kid tonight:) Bring on........

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By: Jill on Feb 08th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

oatmeal with apples, little boy hugs before school, making it into the carpool lane on time, coffee, and a day full of amazing projects and things to do:)

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By: Jill on Jan 29th, 2013 Richmonds - Virginia

the love of an amazing women

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By: justin lipuma on Jan 27th, 2013 fredericksburg - Virginia

the ability to wake in the morning and say "I LOVE MY JOB!!"

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By: Amelia on Jan 15th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

The opportunity to share a meaningful conversation and wonderful first date.

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By: Courtney on Jan 11th, 2013 Virginia Beach - Virginia

the ability to use my hands.

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By: Amelia on Jan 11th, 2013 Richmon - Virginia


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By: Amelia on Jan 10th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

i'm grateful to the amazing friends i have in my life...strong, beautiful women getting things done, accomplishing so much, and making plans for extraordinary experiences. i am endlessly inspired by their bravery, courage, and sass:) rock on ladies!

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By: Jill on Jan 10th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

warm covers and hot tea

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By: kate von Briesen on Jan 09th, 2013 Batesville - Virginia

the amazing, talented people that I get to share my life with. I am so grateful to have such inspiring, creative and empowering people to be around each and every day.

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By: Amelia on Jan 09th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

little cranky bear cubs...my children! even when they don't want to go to school, i'm grateful they are here with me, and that i get to love them!

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By: Jill on Jan 09th, 2013 Richmond - Virginia

By: Art Dunham on Dec 20th, 2012 Woodstock - Virginia

I am thankful for my wife, two wonderful kids, the joy of the truth of Christmas & Christ who gave them all to me.

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