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Gratitudes from TEXAS

Finding the courage to stand up for my heart and defend the things that I believe to be truly important.

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By: Hannah on Sep 04th, 2018 Bastrop - Texas

Today, I am thankful for having had the previlage to read and learn so that I can self eduacte myself when I need to and be able to read, communicate and connect with others around me.

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By: Kay on Mar 19th, 2018 Dallas - Texas

That i have lived for a new year! My bills are paid. My family is safe. Good health. Love

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By: Pamela Brown on Jan 01st, 2018 Wichita Falls - Texas

Wise words, friendly encouragement, compassion, fluffy dogs, pleasant weather, and a life full of possibilities.

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By: Caroline on Dec 20th, 2017 Dallas - Texas

I am thankful for each day as it begins with the rising sun knowing God has given me another day to share the talents He gifted me with for the purposes He had in mind for them. We each have a purpose and are of value. My children and grandchildren........

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By: Jan Alexander on Dec 12th, 2017 Garland - Texas

I am grateful for my mother showing me how to be mentally strong. I am thankful for every culture,race and person who in some way influenced our life today.

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By: Tara on Dec 09th, 2017 Fort Worth - Texas

I am grateful for my health, my family's health our functioning organs. Our mobility, our shelter and our luxuries. I am grateful for my God and the faith I have acquired.

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By: Idy on Jun 23rd, 2017 Laredo - Texas

The opportunities I have at work to help others grow and learn. That I have a job with my first ever Christmas bonus and that I can actually get my friends and family Christmas presents this year.

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By: Zari on Dec 12th, 2016 Austin - Texas

I have a husband who will happily put my needs before his.

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By: t on Dec 11th, 2016 Dallas - Texas

Having a great partner in my team who is always willing to listen and help.

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By: Roxy on Oct 17th, 2016 Brownsville - Texas

My books and my entrepreneurship, my house, my dogs that I love so dearly. Also the money I'm making from my books

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By: Lainey on Aug 25th, 2016 Plano - Texas

dreams. Even when I feel trapped--by my mind, my body, my incompetencies, my fears--I can dream. I can dream I am in a beautiful place, full of peace and free from burdens. Then I can strive to bring that beautiful place to life within myself.

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By: A Yearning Soul on Apr 06th, 2016 Wishful - Texas

Being able to see him smile.

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By: Orange Colored Sky on Mar 29th, 2016 Pflugerville - Texas

For an amazing night spent in the company of a beautiful soul.

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By: Meg on Mar 21st, 2016 Austin - Texas

425Hal Marcus El Paso.jpg
By: Lettie on Mar 03rd, 2015 El Paso - Texas

My job that is full of positive uplifting people.

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I'm thankful for the simplest thing today. My breath. Carrying on to tomorrow and giving me another chance to be hopeful and influence lives around me. Thank you

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By: Mindy on Nov 14th, 2014 Austin - Texas

My boyfriend and best friend, even though there are miles between us I'm still hopeful that we'll figure it all out soon, together!

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By: Jessica on Jun 03rd, 2013 Houston - Texas

Grateful for all the love I have for my muse, music man, that doll that urges me to always be better just by being.

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By: anaja on May 02nd, 2013 austin - Texas

9-23-2012 The Yoga Recipe-023.jpg
By: Mel on Jan 11th, 2013 Austin - Texas

My friend and business partner. She is truly a blessing and I am a better person simply from knowing her.

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I'm thankful for the rain we're getting here in TX. With years of drought here, any amount of rain is very helpful.

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By: Shelley Myers on Jan 09th, 2013 Austin - Texas

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