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Gratitudes from NEW YORK

My parents for watching my sick child while I am at work and the heat in our home.

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By: mallory on Nov 15th, 2018 mamaroneck - New York

By: Jackie on Aug 27th, 2018 Brooklyn - New York

My children

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My good health, my great jobs, my family and friends. My home. Have the ability to pay bills Thank you for all of it!

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By: Sean on May 13th, 2018 Cortlandt Manor - New York

My tribe that has supported me since breaking my ankle. My little sister who helps me cook. Small improvements, like making a cup of coffee and getting it outside.

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By: Elena on May 11th, 2018 Binghamton - New York

I started a morning 10 ninute gratitude practice a few weeks ago and it has been changing my perspective long after i finish doing so. Im grateful today to have the financial means to help my parents in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria destroyed the........

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By: Lily on Feb 15th, 2018 New York - New York

having a husband who adores me, after surviving an abusive marriage, and many years alone.

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By: Leah on Jan 26th, 2018 Flushing - New York

Waking up today. Being in love. Having a family that I choose to be with. My apartment. Ny lovely dog who gets even cuter as she grows older. A wife who supports me and wants me to achieve my dreams.

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By: Jeff on Dec 19th, 2017 New York - New York

Family, health, home, job, getting a puppy soon

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By: Julie on Apr 16th, 2017 Buffalo - New York

I'm sooo grateful to be blessed to see another day & happy to have wonderful family and friends in my life. :-)

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By: Adrienne on Jun 13th, 2016 Brooklyn - New York

I can read, write, have a roof over my head and access to clean water. I have jobs that challenge me and allow me to interact with all sorts of people, from children to adults. I have family I love and am fortunate to be close to my siblings, althoug........

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By: DAX on Nov 24th, 2015 New York - New York

Friends and rest

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By: Liz on Aug 30th, 2015 new york - New York

My daughter's recovery from the stomach bug. The great state of my marriage. That work was less stressful today. That it stopped snowing and I got to work on time. That Chris has a good interview at BNY Mellon. That my financial aid came through........

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By: Ayanna on Mar 02nd, 2015 Elmont - New York

I'm grateful for my life, my health, my beautiful daughter, that my marriage gets stronger every day. My job which, while not perfect, allows meto take care of my family. My 85 years young Grandlady whom I �� dearly. My current home which, ........

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By: Ayanna on Mar 01st, 2015 Elmont - New York

I am grateful for having time to spend with my husband and my son--time spent playing games together, laughing, loving, and making up for times I was focused on things far less important than the loves of my life. <3

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By: Shannon Delany on Jan 07th, 2015 Oneonta - New York

By: Penny Lane on Jan 05th, 2015 New York - New York

I am thankful for a great year! I've learned a lot! I have lived so many great experiences, let go old people and met new ones. I am so very thankful because now i know where I'm standing and what i want for my life! And thia will be also ........

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My husband, the life that I designed, my spiritual practice.

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By: Tina on Nov 22nd, 2014 Brooklyn - New York

The first day of the new year...... Blessed to wake up and work and be surrounded by pole I adore

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By: vc on Jan 02nd, 2014 new york - New York

Thankful to live in a time where people are using their words and their actions to change the world........

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By: The Gratitude Jar on Aug 20th, 2013 New York - New York

Thankful that I woke up this morning. I had a roof over my head, and two feet that landed on the fl........

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By: The Gratitude Jar on Jul 16th, 2013 Huntington - New York

Thankful for the wanderers, lusters, seekers, explorers and everyone else that infuses color and jo........

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By: The Gratitude Jar on Jul 15th, 2013 Huntington - New York

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