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The Power of Gratitude…

It turns a frog into a prince.

It turns a meal into a feast.

It turns strangers into siblings.

It brings peace in devastation.

It provides guidance when lost.

It turns arguments in truces.

It turns music into therapy.

It brings you to your knees and inspires unsung prayers.


And then it summons up the courage inside of you to go out and change the world… (with a website.)



My mission is to help everyone experience the transformative effects of practicing profound gratitude. I want to start a gratitude movement!

A few years ago I travelled across the world to visit some of the most impoverished townships of Cape Town, South Africa. What I had expected to find was a culture filled with deep depression and sorrow. What I actually experienced was a community with deep love and appreciation for life, and I was amazed!

Upon returning home I began to examine the blessings that I had been overlooking for so long. Of course I always had manners, and of course I was polite, but I began to have this overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t fully living my life because I hadn’t been able to express my truest gratitude for the people and experiences that had shaped me into the woman I was becoming.

So I started writing...

Every gratitude-filled sentenced felt as though it was freeing me from the ties that were holding me back from my freedom and my potential to be who I was truly capable of. 

One night I sat down to write a letter that I had been dreading for a looooong time. The tears flowed as I expressed my lifelong gratitude to a person that I was so ashamed to be thanking at the time… I knew this letter was so long overdue, and I felt I didn’t have the right words to express how appreciative I was for their presence in my life. Even now as I write about it, I still don’t have the words to convey the depth of my feelings. Perhaps one day I will.

From the moment I sealed the letter, my entire existence changed. My heart finally felt free and light. My voice began to flow without the self-doubt that had buried it inside of me for so long, and this was just the beginning…

There are many studies that document the scientific effects of gratitude, and they all amaze me. However, this is what I personally know to be true about the effects of gratitude: it opens your life to endless possibility, it changes your perspective in a way that allows you to enjoy the richness of every passing moment, it allows you to feel love (not just in your heart… but in every heart beat), it creates an authenticity and depth within you that others can’t ignore, and it carries you to the places you thought only existed within dreams. 


Having some fun with the children of Baphumele in Khayelitsha, South Africa.

For more information on their organization you can visit: http://www.baphumelele.org.za


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