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Today I am grateful for my Husband. He stayed by my side with not one complaint. I was sick for 2 weeks with many complaints. It was the best holiday I've had in years. I'm grateful to once again breath clearly, Feeling the cold crisp air sting my lungs. I'm thankful to have a kick ass job. Thank God I took the time to develop the skills and experience to keep it. I am grateful that I can make my little "Schizophrenic" Sister laugh, Laugh at me, With me, At herself, With herself, With the Angels she hears above. We laughed during her college enrollment. Her courage is humbling. Wanna meet a hero? I am grateful that I can provide for my littlest Sister. I, too, was once a rebellious maniac. Thankfully, I now can share what may resemble wisdom. I am thankful for the patience I am developing To love those around me. People who annoy me, People who upset me, People I simply don't understand, People who are going through their own secret struggles. I am one of those people to someone. Perhaps we have something to learn from one another. I'm thankful for my bleak ugly days. All of the other days are breathtaking. I thank the people who left me broken hearted. I thought death seemed preferable. Oh motivation. The sweet revenge of self improvement. That time my face haunted their TV... That commercial played 250 times a day. Thank my lucky moons! The sweet, big brown eyed boy With a smile as big as my face. He gave me a box of paint. He pushed my pale skin into the sun. There was no visible fire. There was a whole lotta color. I'm grateful for the time I locked my keys in the trunk. The quickly setting sun, The freezing private beach, The 3 hour shiver huddle, The hour tow truck ride, The drank much too, The truffle fries in a restaurant with the name of a Trash Bin. Thank you for the wicked hangover, The decision to stop drinking, The loss of brain cells that made us forget The times love failed us. Thank you for the sense of humor To exclaim through sleepy puffy eyes, "Let's just get married!" It had been only 7, 24 hour days Of the most brightly colored truth I continue to experience Everyday since. I am grateful for my optimism, My big exposed heart, Which always gave me dreams of flying, Left my tears on the pillow case in the washing machine, I am worth a God Damn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'll never lose faith in love.

By: Azure on Jan 08th, 2015 Los Angeles - California , Usa

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