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My Husband for staying by my side with not one complaint while I was sick for 2 weeks (with many complaints) through the holidays. It was still the best holiday I've had in years. I'm grateful to once again breath clearly and to feel the cold crisp air fill my lungs. I'm thankful to have a coveted job and the skills and experience to keep getting hired. I am grateful that I can make my mentally ill Sister laugh. Her courage is humbling. What a hero. I am grateful that I can provide for my youger rebellious Sister, and that I, too, was also a young maniac and now have some resemblance of wisdom to share with her. Even though I often find her sleeping on my door step, I am so grateful she moved out to LA to be with me and I can pick her sleepy head up and tuck her in the sofa. I am greatful for my Mother I am thankful for the patience I am developing to love those around me who I don't agree with, am annoyed by, who upset me, or who I simply just don't understand. They are going through their own struggles and perhaps we have something to learn from one another. I'm thankful for my dark ugly days. They make all the other days breathtaking. At the Oscars, I'll thank the unworthy douchbags who left me so heartbroken that I thought death was preferable. Not only did it motivate the sweet revenge of self improvement followed by that time my face haunted them with that TV commercial that played 250 times a day, it helped me to notice a sweet, big brown eyed boy with a smile as big as my face who gave me a box of paint, showed me that my pale skin can actually enjoy the sun, and that sand in the bed will help you exfoliate while you sleep. Thank you for the time we got stranded on a private beach and were so cold we had to huddle together for 3 hours, rode an hour in tow truck, drank too much, and smelled like truffles in a restaurant named after a Trash Bin. Thank you for the wicked hangover, the decision to stop drinking, and the loss of brain cells that made us forget the times love failed us. Thank you for the sense of humor to exclaim through sleepy puffy eyes, "Let's just get married!" after only 7, 24 hour days of the most brightly colored truth I continue to experience.

By: Azure on Jan 08th, 2015 Los Angeles - California , Usa

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