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I am on my knees with gratitude for the protection I enjoyed during the darkest years of this life. Thank you for surviving each challenges (you and I know it by heart) and standing back up to remember and reflect on the messages uncovers. As well, the people who took part in its becoming, both challenging and illuminating. I am consoled by the old saying that every detail is part of a tapestry and that all will be well. Thank you for the emotional, psychological and spiritual supports because of which I continue to stand (my dearest, you and I know who you are). I cannot count and fathom the significance of my dear guides to my spirit. They help kept my integrity and faith even while in the midst of rapid changes. Thank you for keeping my soul healthy and sturdy through all these. Thank you, A, M and SG for holding my hands and reminding me that I am a warrior. I am a warrior because you support me. I love you all. I love the ray of sun. I love the fresh air. I adore the mental health and confidence. I am delirious in the knowledge that I triumphed and continue to win in that battle (We both know what it is). I am happy in this period of peace and the knowledge that I do not need to prove anything because the proving is done.

By: maricel on Oct 05th, 2014 San Jose, CA - California , Usa

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