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Thank you for a fresh new year 2014. I have come a long, long way. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities to experience the material plain. Thank you for the upsurge of support on every level of my life: my health, my shelter, my emotional needs, all my basic needs, and finally, my career ambitions. I am profoundly grateful for my skills instrumental to satisfy my need to be of purpose for myself and for the highest good of everyone in the planet. Thank you for true friends and loving family who are my partners in this perfect life. Thank you for meaningful, inspired and original ideas in all of my work. Let the signature of our partnership be evident in all of its manifestations. Thank you for the bliss of comfort and protection everywhere I am, at all times. Please extend this comfort and protection to my family. Please extend this protection to all creatures in the planet who need them. Thank you for blessing us all in this planet with your love and mercy and kindness. Finally, I thank, honor and bless myself for being who I am.

By: Maricel on Jan 01st, 2014 Palmdale - California , Usa

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