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Most grateful for my health. It allows me to enjoy this planet. Thank you health. Thank you planet. Thank you for the people whom I love. So lucky. Thank you for libraries from which I get my wi-fi service. I love my connection to education and to the world through wi-fi. Thanks wi-fi. Thank you for writing classes. They help me see other people's lives, thereby enriching my own. Thank you classmates. Thank you for sanity. I like the sane perspective. Thank you for a wonderful breakfast today. Spinach and mushrooms are cool. Thank you for Maxine Kingston. She's a cool writer. Thank you for the gym membership. I get to have a shower. Thank you for Colbert Nation. He's got a good heart and gives a good laugh. Thank you for generous people who help typhoon victims. Peace. We all share this planet.

By: Maricel on Nov 19th, 2013 San Jose - California , Usa

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