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1. Thank you for the magnificent outcome of my search for a home. A roof over my shoulder is a most basic human need that I have been longing for so long. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 2. Thank you for the nutrients I partake today. This includes all the elements that brought said nutrients into fruition, including the sunlight, rain and people who paid attention to grow my food and bring it to the grocery store. 3. Thank you for continued good relationships to the beautiful people around me. I know you kept them for me because we help each other grow. 4. Thank you for the feeling of power and uplifting today. The wonderful feeling that I actually have a great big role in making my life. 5. Thank you for wonderful employers that trust in my ability to work with and for them. Bless their hearts, and may they be rewarded for their great judgment. 6. Thank you for justice. I see how you unveil your truth to all societies of this earth bit by bit by bit. It delights me immensely. Let me express my accord. 7. Thank you for the relief that you are giving me. Bit by bit by bit. Relief for emotional challenges. Relief for spiritual hunger. Relief for injustice done to me in the past. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 8. Thank you for the spiritual guidance that you are giving me now. I feel so much more secure. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 9. Thank you for the courage to take my path, although I cannot guess what is up in the corner. Thank you. Thnak you. Thank you. 10. Thank you for the good news that I am receiving today. Thank you. Thnak you, Thank you.

By: MCSL on Jul 02nd, 2013 San jose, - California , Usa

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