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Thank you for all the financial support I received. It keeps me alive, able to pursue all of my heart's desire. Thank you for all the beautiful souls I have met, supportive, kind and loving to me. I make special mention of my parents who love me unconditionally. Thank you for the beautiful home you gave me. I love the complete comfort and privacy and space and quiet that helps me harness my creativity in absolute peace and safety inside this beautiful home with tall ceilings and big windows that overlook the majestic view outside. Thank you for this beautiful man who loves me as much as another human being can, and whom I love in return. I am thankful for his genuine caring and cleverness- a rare combination in a human being. Thank you for our ability to share of our blessings and graces to other human beings who need love and a hand to get out of the pit. Thank you for a rewarding career that allows me to powerfully effect good changes for humanity and for the planet earth. Thank you for my children that I am incredibly awed to help spawn into this planet. May they have a blessed and protected life like their parents and may they be loved for who they are all their lives. Thank you for my ability to give joy and happiness to my parents and family. Thank you for the chance to work together and to travel more and enjoy places and cultures that we have only dreamed of and now a reality. Thank you for my beautiful friends in the past, present and future whom I consider a family. I am happy with the trust, support and ability to take comfort from each other all our lives. Thank you for the chance to walk the camino. It has been my dream for so long. Thank you for the beauty that surrounds me and the kindness shown to me by everyone I meet in this road. Thank you for the chance to see the fjords and to feel the fresh air, the grand mountains and rivers, eat the beautiful fish and drink the good wine, while in a happy conversation in different languages with many of my favorite peoples in the world. Thank you for the beautiful health mentally and physically that I am enjoying all my life. Thank you for the very effective working senses and the ability to share what I am sensing to the rest of the world. Thank you for the chance to ride a beautiful boat in the open ocean with happy company. Thank you for the great news I am receiving today.

By: MCSL on Jun 11th, 2013 San jose - California , Usa

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