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Thank you for the amazing air I breathe. I am awed by the fact that we are all protected by an atmosphere that covers our planet. What brilliant design that tells me unequivocally that we are here, present, and made with absolute deliberate intent to be here and now, in this time and place. How awesome. Thank you for the restoration of my friend's emotional well-being. Thank you for protecting my cat all these years, giving him a loving and comfortable place and a wonderful person to take care of him. Thank you for this beautiful planet, with all its organic and inorganic inhabitants that makes it perfect. Thank you for peace of mind. Thank you for my ability to seek order and logic in my life. Thank you for my spirit guides. I thank you every day for my wonderful sisters. Thank you for providing for them and protecting them all their lives. Thank you for my wonderful family who has supported me since the day I was born. Thank you the roof over my head. I feel so loved and protected because of it. Thank you for the paper that allows me to enjoy all these privileges of good food, good activities, great education, great places to visit and wonderful people to meet. Your kindness to me knows no bounds. Thank you. I Thank you for my health care. Thank you for the good news that I am receiving today.

By: MCSL on May 24th, 2013 San jose - California , Usa

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