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Thank you for being able to ran . For strong legs that work efficiently. for a heart that beats steadily despite any strenuous activity. So happy to be so strong. Thank you For the ability to enjoy nature, walking the steep hills with efficiency. Fresh air and smell of pine so beautiful. I could lie on a tree root breathing fresh air and everything is comfortable. Thank you for the ability to dance till midnight with my friends, to wear a nice dress and walk in the streets at night. Warm breeze and great conversations. so happy. ii. Thank you that my eyes are working so well with glasses. My eyes gets enough rest. Thank you. Thank you that my ears hear so well, I could drive well and hear extraordinary music. Thank you for my arms are so strong and healthy. So efficient. Can type and feed and work well around the house. Thank you that my back is so strong, I could help a 150 lb. woman. Thank you that my feet and leg are fit and fast . I could run 6.6 miles for 20 minutes. Thank you that all my organs and cells are functioning so well, they are amazing and wonderful. Thank you for the stronger elbows and arms. I could do push ups so easily. Thank you for the healthy muscles all over my body. I could work and move efficiently. Thank you for the body so healthy and functional, It is perfectly healthy in every way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

By: MCSL on May 17th, 2013 SanJose - California , Usa

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