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Thank you for the wonderful talk I have with my three friends and co-workers. It is very productive and full of guidance.Thank you. Thank you for finishing this very important application paper that I have to submit. You are guiding me through every step. You know my intentions are well and true and I will stand by such favorable decision. Thank you for my healthy mind so focused for all wonderful goals. I am so happy to be very well guided my spirit guides. Thank you. Thank you for the peace and calm in my life. I am so comforted, that it is as though I am given relief. Thank you. Thank you for all the material comforts I was given all my life. I am happy and appreciative of all these gifts and I am humbly grateful. Thank you for everyone I have met since the beginning of my life. They are such joy and delight. Thank you for my family who are always behind me for support. Thank you for the beautiful day to receive such good news. Thank you for my life. Every day is a gift. Thank you for my health. It is such comfort and joy.

By: MCSL on May 16th, 2013 San Jose - California , Usa

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