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Thank you for everyone who makes my life so easy. 1. Thank you to my roommates for keeping the house clean when I can't do it. It makes my life s easier. For friends who share food and material resources, thank you. Without your help, I could not have made it. 3. Thank you to our mailman who brings the letter safely to our house daily. You help me communicate with the rest of the world. 4. Thank you to Nancy who helps keeps my sister's life easier. 5. Thank you to Jmy friend J for the phone. I could not function very well without it. 6. Thank you to our car makers for making our cars safe to ride. You help us get to places on time. 7. Thank you to Mitch, for making our house habitable. 8. Thank you for the electirician, for fixing the extension cords and everything else. 9. Thank you for our ferrel cats, for bringing nice atmosphere all over our neighborhood. 10. Thank you for our neighbors. We help each other as caring members of our community. Thank you for my dentist who keeps my teeth protected and my foo- life wonderful. 11.

By: MCSL on May 11th, 2013 San jose - California , Usa

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