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Thank you that I have come this far in my life . It is proof that I have been nourished by the earth and its resources, blessed by every one I met to continue experiencing and exploring this planet. Thank you. Thank you for the water that nourishes all the fruits and veggies that grows. Thank you for the farmers, workers and gardeners who devoted their existence to care for these foods that nourish us. Bless them. Thank you for the ranchers and caretakers of animals that we partake. Bless them. Thank you for the drivers and distributors who keep the food fresh and clean for us to partake. Thank you for the rain,wind and sun that keeps our foods nourished. 7. Thank you for the people who works in the grocery store for storing our foods well. 8. Thank you for people who share some of their resources with me. My employers, my family, friends. Their continued support is helpful to my journey . 9. Thank you for the peace of mind which I enjoy thoroughly. It is so uplifting and sublime to feel that I am successful in my goal to take care and keep peace with everyone and everything I love. Thank you. 10. Thank you for a good night's sleep and a good body metabolism and blood pressure. Health makes life so much easier. Thank you.

By: MCSL on May 10th, 2013 San jose - California , Usa

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