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Thank you for this opportunity to clear my mind and get to know myself better. I'm now allowed to explore my space and think about the past 12 years of my life, my experiences and what I learned. Thank you thank you thank you. 2. Thank you for the time to organize my papers, thought and decide the joyful adventures I want to do the rest of my life. I got to understand my values the past 12 years. I get to think about the people I love and how I love what we did together. 3. Thank you for this opportunity to do nothing but smile and smile and smile some more, outwardly and inwardly. I wanted the time to see myself smile and relax smile and now I have it. Thanks for the genuine happiness I feel. 4. Thank you for creating a space for me in this planet. I feel joyful and honored to be here and see and feel and experience and learn and love. I am so happy I can embrace the whole wide world and all the creatures honored to be manifested like me. Thank you. 5. Thank you for my parents. Now I have more time to enjoy them. I am grateful for everything they did to me. I am honored to be their offspring. Thank you. 6. Thank you for all the support during my dislocation of elbow emergency. Although the event was scary, I got to meet the kindest people in healthcare and how efficiently, EFFICIENTLY they work every day. I hope that I would have the opportunity to work with them taking care of people. Thank you. 7. Thank you for that which happened to me with D and T . I did not understand why, but I know there was a learning experience for me there. I pray for them and wish them well. I know IĆ¢??m due for a lesson, and I now understand that I was not grateful enough to know them. I miss D and I now appreciate the love and support given me as another human being. Thank you. 8. Thank you for the time I got to know my cat. He is the worlds most beautiful cat. I love him and I pray he will be taken care of very well the rest of his life. Thank you. 9. Thank you for my car. It comforts me that I have a proof I worked really hard for five years. It testifies to my resilience. I am reminded of Invictus, funnily. Thank you. 10. Thank you for more time under the sun. How wonderful to get more vitamin D, good for my bones and my intense feeling for more space. Thank you.

By: Maricel on May 08th, 2013 San Jose - California , Usa

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