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1. Although I am in between jobs right now, I am thankful for some savings for rainy days. Thank you for holding my hand and brushing aside any anxiety. Blessings do fall from the sky. Thank you. 2. Thank you that I learned to take care of people over the ten years of my work. The technological know hows, practical remedies, hygiene, soothing ruffled feathers, etc . Thanks. It was therapeutic for me and them. 3. Thank you for the freebees like free wifi and communicating with people in the web. Thank you 4. Thank you that I was able to pay my bills on time and had plenty of extra besides. The sense of financial security was comforting. Thank you. 5. Thank you that I get to travel every week and see places to stimulate my mind. Thank you 6. Thank you that I am treated like a member of my clients family. They make me feel at ease and an equal. Thank you 7. Thank you for the feeling of being trusted and relied upon to do important things to fellow human beings. Thank you for the physical and mental stregth to do all these. Thank you. 8. Thank you for teaching me what I can do to prepare for the future. For my parents if I can be helpful. Thank you 9. My work is so smooth that I have the opportunity to visit bookstores and watch TV with my client. Thank you. 10. Thank you for designing me to be sociable and comfortable with fellow humans. It makes work so much more joyful and easier. Thank you.

By: Maricel on May 07th, 2013 San jose, - California , Usa

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