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Thank you for all the money that I've been given all my life. Because of it, I had roof over my shoulders all my life, I had plenty of food, education, clothing, hobbies and experiences that many of my countrymen never experienced. I've been blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 2. Thank you for the health I had all my life. I was given a healthy body. I had health care all my life. I was fortunate to have a doctor for a parent and I had specialists look at me to help deal with any health issues while growing up. I have siblings who are successful healthcare workers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 3. Thank you for the sense of taste, which makes food and beverage most vivid and makes my life infinitely divine. 4. Thank you for the sense of sight. Oh, the wonders I have seen because of my sight. Thanks. 5. Thank you for the sense of touch. The better to express my love and receive love in return. 6. Thank you for the sense of hearing. Oh, the wonders I heard. Today, with innovations in tech, I can read books while driving. 7. Thank you for my legs and feet. I CANNOT express just how I deeply love that I can walk and do everything and be everywhere with my legs and feet 8. Thank you for my arms, hands and finger. Oh, the many things they do for my life. Thank you deeply. 9. Thank you for the efficient functioning of every cell in my body. I don't know how, but oh, the wonder. 10. Thank you for my mental health that helps me experience life fully. I am so fortunate and I can't give enough thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

By: Maricel on May 06th, 2013 San jose - California , Usa

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