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I am thankful to the following important people in my life: 1. To my siblings . Although it took me a while to recognize their significance to me, I have finally awakened to how precious they are. I am very happy to see how they have been triumphant in their quest for an abundant and rewarding life. I love my siblings because of their LOYALTY to me and to our family. Our value for loyalty goes very deep, and is a legacy from our parents and relatives. I love their GENEROSITY to a fault. We as a family are not afraid to spend money,so long as it is in support of our most cherished values: family, education, and love. I love our QUEST FOR ORDER and logic. We would sacrifice other worldly experiences for order and sensibility. For instance, they would forego drinking and clubbing with friends so we have our heads screwed right when we go to work in the morning. I love that we all LOVE to experience new activites, places and eat new foods. We have a natural OPENNESS that we all share. I love our PATIENCE to know how to learn and practice modern ways of living, which is big, having grown up in a poor country. I love that we aim for big goals and WORK hard to fulfill them. I love that we LOVE our parents and sibling and we want them to triumph and advance toward happiness. I love that we RECOGNIZE a higher power that guides us all. So we donâ??t despair when we experience delay. I love that we are for CLEANLINESS and elegance, like a proper people from our ethnicity. I love that we have HIGHER STANDARDS and EYE for beauty and ethics. 2. I am thankful for my mother. She is my rock and Godâ??s instrument to GUIDE me with my unyielding values. In a way, she is one of my angels. I TREATED my rheumatic heart fever as a young kid of seven. For some time, she wondered if she finished studying medicine so she can treat her own children. She PROVIDED for my needs of shelter, clothing and food, despite having seven children and being married to a struggling politician. Most importantly, she worked to EDUCATE me and my six siblings, enrolling us in the best school they can afford with their limited resources, the most interesting activities and purchasing useful properties our lives stimulating. While we were growing up, she HELPED DECIDED what activites will help us grow better. Most often, she was, I think right. She did her best to secure her children's futures. She was our primary CHEERLEADER and supporter in all our undertakings. She taught me the value of HARDWORK and honest work. I worked hard most of my life, when work is available to me. She taught me the value of INDEPENDENCE and self-reliance. Growing up, we learned to find ways to make ourselves useful. She taught us to find PRIDE and joy in the results of our labors. SHE taught DETERMINATION and tenacity. 3. I am thankful for knowing D S. He kindly gave me SHELTER for three years and I will always be grateful. He TRUSTED me to take care of his mother, which is a big thing. I will never forget that. He PAID for my temporary education for a couple of semesters. He SHARED as much as he could of himself to me. He let me cook his food, take care of his cat, mow his lawn do his laundry. All these things he could do, but he ALLOWED me to do. He SHARED some of his motherâ??s friends with me, and they are indeed a joy to know. He supported me to buy my very first car. Because of D S, I was temporarily INDEPENDENT financially from my parents and was to taste rich western cooking and developed my own taste in healthy diets. I LEARNED to appreciate decent western ways of life as well as technology. He GAVE A GLIMPSE TO the best education America can offer. Because of DS I learned to dream about stability, security and the good of laid back existence. I learned that you donâ??t really have to have so much drama in life in order to be a contributing member of the community.

By: Maricel on May 04th, 2013 San Jose - California , Usa

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