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1. I am grateful for wonderful relationships that comfort me and help me feel secure everyday. I appreciate my family and friends who are my joy and inspiration every day of my life. I am thankful for precious moments I get to be with people I love and who loves me. 2. I am thankful for miracles that I have the honor to witness. From stories of struggle to triumph, such as me and my siblings finding a new home, as well as my recovery from elbow dislocation. thank you. 3. Thank you for the kindness of people around me, who extended their hands in my darkest hours. Without them, I could not have made it this far. They are angels here on earth. 4.Thank you for shelter. I am so grateful for the roof over my shoulders. 5. Thank you for my computer. It has connected me to the world and allowed me to finish deadline and schedules. 6. Thank you for the sunshine that warms my cheeks and legs. It gives me vitamin D to absorb calcium for my bones. 7. I'm thankful for access to washing machines so I can have clean clothes and be comfortable everyday. 8. Thank you for the spaces I occupy: my room, my bed, the grounds I walk. I love the space and privacy as well as the sense of freedom it affords me. 9. Thank you for the ability to sleep well at nights. It is a signal that I am happy with my day and that I have done the best I can to fulfill my day's intention/s. 10. Thank you for my sister and her family. I had a joyful time with them and they were wonderful hosts.

By: Maricel on May 04th, 2013 San Jose - California , Usa

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