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May 3, 2013 1.Today I am thankful for the fresh, clean water to drink, bathe and brush my teeth with. Water makes me live and makes my life joyful and soothing. Water keeps me strong and mentally alert in the morning. Water played a huge role in my life, growing up in a seaside village with a family that takes care of a resort. 2. I am grateful for my strong and healthy limbs. My feet has walked me thousands of miles in eleven countries and three continents. My healthy feet has let me see cultures, hear a few languages spoken and see plenty of interesting landscapes. My feet has allowed me to dance, chat with interesting people and climb difficult terrains. My feet and I have a wonderful relationship. We support each other. 2. I am grateful for my arms because it has fed my whole body in almost 43 years. My arms worked inside and outside structures. I have done enormous amount of menial chores to earn money to feed my whole body. My arms which contain my hand is also artistic. It has drawn, sketched and painted as a child, it has done pottery and cooking as an adult. It types these words for me. My arms and hands have a lot of potential. It has even hugged the people I love. 4. I am thankful for having a great personality that loves people. I was born social. I love the company of people. People gives me a sense of security and guidance. 5. I am thankful for the YMCA for giving me room to flex my muscles and exercise. As an adult I am still given freedom to explore the wonders of my body like a child can. I am not just confined in an office pushing pens. 6. I am thankful for knowing scholars like Dan Straus. By knowing people like Dan, I understand that I am equal with anyone who achieved more materials and honors in life. I am am equal to everyone across the world. 7. I am thankful for being physically strong to be given responsibility and take care of the elderly who needs my services. I am thankful to have a trust-worthy personality that people believe in. I am thankful that I could be in familiar grounds with these people who accept me and find joy in my company. I am glad that I could serve them to the best of my ability. 8. I am thankful for the opportunity to live in quiet and peaceful environments. Santa cruz and Palmdale and San Jose. In places where I could hear my mind think and my spirit tranquil. Places where I could walk safely out in the sun. 9. I am thankful for the money I have in the bank and the saving I managed to make in 12 years. Thank you. It keeps me at peace knowing that I have something for food and shelter today and tomorrow. It gives me a comforting feeling of independence and security. Money gives me confidence that I could do the things that I feel is my purpose in this planet: to learn technical stuff so I can serve others and myself and family efficiently and joyfully. 10. I am grateful for educational opportunities that came my way all these years. I am very happy to be technically and intellectually trained to be of service to all human beings and animals and the planet. I want to count as a serving and working person in this planet, and I am given so much opportunity. Thank you.

By: Maricel on May 03rd, 2013 San Jose, Ca - California , Usa

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