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I hate having to take time to scrape frost off my car winshield when I'm running late for work in the morning. Yesterday I decided to try just using the wipers and windshield washer fluid to clear it as I pulled out of the driveway. The random rare combo of temp and wind and humidity gave me the most beautiful awe-inspiring display on my windshield! I stopped just to watch it unfold! The feathery fingers of frost grew on the glass before my eyes, just like in time-lapse photography. The sun struck it at just the right angle so that my view thru the glass was as thru a rainbow prism. Everything had a glowing halo! It only lasted a few seconds before the sun melted the fantastical and delicate fern-shaped feathery crystals. Now I am grateful for the tiny miracle of frost on a window. And for eyesight to appreciate it with. And for my new car. And for my new job that I was headed to. Life is good!

By: Becky M on Mar 09th, 2013 St Louis - Missouri , Usa

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